It is an artificial flower band worn on the head or hair bun.



A headpiece is worn around the hair bun to keep the hair in place. The headpiece resembles a hairband and has elaborate filigree work.

A peacock hair pin is sometimes worn on the bun to add to the richness of the odissi dance costume.

The silver filigree hair pin can be worn with traditional Odissi Dance costume jewelry to add a unique touch to your attire.

Complete hair make up gajra for Odissi dance. This is 3 piece set.

This is a professional quality Tahiya and we take good care of packing this in a nice way so that you will get this without damage.

They also use a crown namely Mookut in their head. The Mookut consists of two parts, one is Ghoba and others Tahiya. The flower decorated back piece of the crown is known as the Ghoba. The long piece that emerges from the centre of the back piece is called the Tahiya. These two piece of the crown is so called the Mookut

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