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1.The selection process for odissi dance costume jewellery starts with the long necklace that is the most important piece of The long necklace has a big central motif (pendant) and the rest of the necklace has smaller motif. The necklace is adjustable in size, and is usually quite long and ends above the waist belt.

The two most common types of necklaces are madhumati and floral. The madhumati necklaces are in silver without any filigree work. The floral necklaces have a floral theme and are made of filigree work.

2. Odissi dance is a traditional dance form from odisha . It is the oldest surviving dance form of India. Silver filigree jewellery is an integral part of the Odissi dance costume. The dancers usually wear two sets of necklaces as part of the attire – A long necklaces with a pendant that ends just above the waist belt and a short necklace around the neck.

Weight – 114.400 g


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